History of the Indian Missionary Society
Religious Congregation with vows
Important Milstones in the Journey of the Society
Present Ministries
Ashram/ Spirituality Centers
Christ Bhakta Movement
Promotion of Human Rights/Justice
Service of the Poor/Marginalized
Inter Religious Dialogue
Education Ministry
Developmental Works
Legal Aid
Health Care
Culture and Literature
Catholic Enquiry Centres
Prison Ministry and Dharma Bharti

Charismatic gifts raise us beyond our personal capabilities so that we may fulfil the mission of Christ (Lk 12:12). The Spirit allots His gifts to "everyone according as He wills" (1Cor.12:11). Charismatic gifts are different from personal graces of the Spirit (Gal 5:22). The latter are for our personal growth in grace, whereas the former are given for the welfare and the building up of the Church (1Cor. 14:5, 12). As it exists today, religious life is a combination of two charismatic gifts: a) That which is common to all the institutes of religious life, and b) that which is specific to each Religious Congregation so that the members of each Congregation can live their religious life and carry out their mission in accordance with this specific charism. The first one is the gift of God to all the religious and the second one is the specific gift given through the founder of a particular Religious Congregation. The members of each Congregation are guided by this specific charism both for their life-style and for their apostolate. Hence, in order to be loyal to a Congregation, its members should have a clear understanding of its charism and be guided and inspired by it.
The Indian Missionary Society was founded by Fr. Gaspar A. Pinto on November 3, 1941, canonically erected as a clerical society without vows on March 13, 1945 and elevated to the status of a Religious Congregation on January 26, 1953. It has a charism of its own, known as "pioneering evangelization".






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