History of the Indian Missionary Society
Religious Congregation with vows
Important Milstones in the Journey of the Society
Present Ministries
Ashram/ Spirituality Centers
Christ Bhakta Movement
Promotion of Human Rights/Justice
Service of the Poor/Marginalized
Inter Religious Dialogue
Education Ministry
Developmental Works
Legal Aid
Health Care
Culture and Literature
Catholic Enquiry Centres
Prison Ministry and Dharma Bharti

Health care was one of the earliest services given from Christnagar to the people around us. Today it is being carried out through the herbal treatment for poisonous snakebite cases. Through the dedicated services of Br Nirmal thousands of victims of snakebites are treated and their lives are saved. Nirmala Mata Charitable dispensary at Karnal has a qualified doctor to run the dispensary. Fr Thomas Muktanand IMS is a MD in Homeopathy and he runs a charitable Homeo dispensary at Koottupuzha. In almost all the mission stations we have dispensaries, which are run with the help of the Reverend Sisters. In this time of globalization and super speciality hospitals the Church has to pay more attention to less expensive and more effective health care services in a pioneering way at the interest of the poor.

14. Ecological Concerns: Ecological concerns and care of nature is the objective of Tarumitra, another concern of VJCOC. Some of our men and centers are involved in this urgent task of protecting nature, rain harvesting, solar energy, protecting rain forest, organized tree plantation, struggle like the fishermen, Narmada bacchavo andolan etc. in their respective areas.






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