History of the Indian Missionary Society
Religious Congregation with vows
Important Milstones in the Journey of the Society
Present Ministries
Ashram/ Spirituality Centers
Christ Bhakta Movement
Promotion of Human Rights/Justice
Service of the Poor/Marginalized
Inter Religious Dialogue
Education Ministry
Developmental Works
Legal Aid
Health Care
Culture and Literature
Catholic Enquiry Centres
Prison Ministry and Dharma Bharti

1. Arrival of Fr. Gaspar A. Pinto in Varanasi 03.11.1941

2. Land purchased for the foundation at Christnagar 25.031943

3. Canonical Erection of IMS as a Society 13.0.1945

4. Canonical Erection of IMS as a Religious Society 25.01.1953

5. First Religious Profession of the members of the the Society 12.06.1953

6. The first novitiate commences at Matridham Ashram 15.07.1955

7. First General Chapter of the IMS 04.04.1965

8. IMS grows into Provinces 29.06.1992

9. IMS raised to Pontifical Right 19.04.1999

10. IMS Ranchi Region erected 19.032009



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