History of the Indian Missionary Society
Religious Congregation with vows
Important Milstones in the Journey of the Society
Present Ministries
Ashram/ Spirituality Centers
Christ Bhakta Movement
Promotion of Human Rights/Justice
Service of the Poor/Marginalized
Inter Religious Dialogue
Education Ministry
Developmental Works
Legal Aid
Health Care
Culture and Literature
Catholic Enquiry Centres
Prison Ministry and Dharma Bharti

1. Traditional Mission Stations: In the past the Congregation had accepted mostly traditional mission stations from the Dioceses. Here, besides taking care of the pastoral needs of the small Christian Community, our members are involved in building up of basic human Communities through adult education, literacy programmes, Self Help Groups (SGH) etc.

2. Pastoral Ministry: Pastoral ministry primarily meant for the Catholic Community in the Christian milieu like the Parishes abroad, centers in Kerala etc. Ecumenism and Inter religious dialogue are important aspects of the pastoral ministry of these centers.








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