History of the Indian Missionary Society
Religious Congregation with vows
Important Milstones in the Journey of the Society
Present Ministries
Ashram/ Spirituality Centers
Christ Bhakta Movement
Promotion of Human Rights/Justice
Service of the Poor/Marginalized
Inter Religious Dialogue
Education Ministry
Developmental Works
Legal Aid
Health Care
Culture and Literature
Catholic Enquiry Centres
Prison Ministry and Dharma Bharti
Ministries at the service of the poor/the marginalized/deprived persons are our response to the cries of the poor. In this field the services of Asmita at Shivala, Karunalayam at the service of HIV/AIDS patients at Warangal, the School for the speech and hearing impaired tribal children at Devarapura are our attempts to serve them. Asha Sadan, a home for the rag pickers at Karnal and the home for the mentally and physically challenged children at Bharat Mata Ashram are in the making. IMS Dhyana Bhavan at Alleppey and Matridham Ashram at Varanasi are also planning to start such a service attached to these centers.
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