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November 3, 1941
The foundation of a missionary Congregation of Indian Origin was the long cherished dream of many missionaries who worked in India. That dream became a reality on 3 November 1941 at the birth of the Indian Missionary Society (IMS) in Varanasi,U.P. with the arrival of Fr. Gaspar A Pinto in the Hindu holy City on that day. For the Church his arrival in Varanasi was the first step of the journey of the Pioneering Missionaries of Indian origin. For several years these zealous men had been debating and discussing the desirability of such an organization for the Priests of India. But these debates and discussions remained unfulfilled until Fr Gaspar A Pinto came into the scene almost unwillingly.
On his arrival in this city with due permission from the ecclesiastical authorities Fr Gaspar stayed in a rented house in Maldahiya, near the present Generalate of the IMS, in Varanasi. In 1943 he acquired a plot of land on the outskirts of the city and christening it Christnagar (the city of Christ). Gradually he laid there the foundation of the Mother House of the IMS. He also enlisted the services of several dedicated men to assist him in this noble task. Bishop Angelo Poli of Allahabad canonically erected it as a Society of Indigenous Priests on March 13, 1945.
Sharing in the mission of the Church ‘The Indian Missionary Society’ has pioneering evangelization as the reason for its very existence. Accepting a simple lifestyle, the members dedicate themselves to pioneering apostolate through methods evolved from the indigenous cultural traditions of India.
The infant Society began to grow with a few teething troubles. In October 1947 Mgr. Jerome Malefant, the Local Ordinary appointed Msgr. Jos Anthony Emmanuel Fernandez of the Diocese of Mylapore the Superior of the IMS. Mgr Fernandez brought greater stability to the IMS through hard work and indomitable spirit of perseverance and nurtured the Society to grow stronger by systematically organizing the missionary formation programmes of the Students with a deep sense of dedication.
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