The goal of ashram way of life is to attain God experience with simple life style, yogic experience, silence, meditation, manual labour and a continuous search for God. The promotion of justice, peace and interfaith harmony and collaboration are the common features of all the IMS ashrams.

Swami Iswar Prasad and Swami Dayanand are the pioneers of Catholic ashrams in North India till the younger generation like Swami Deendayal, Swami Anil Dev gave a new thrust to the ashramic movement in North India.

The Bharat Mata ashram at Kurukshetra is sought by the intellectuals of the nearby University. Swami Iswar Prasad was the Acharya of this ashram and now Swami Nishant Surya Rock is the Acharya.

The Matridham ashram at Varanasi is sought by people from all walks of life. The ashram is also a pioneering centre for prayer and God Experience for all the Khrist Bhaktas. Swami Anil Dev is the Acharya of this ashram.

IMS Sadhana Sadan in Kerala is an integration of the rich Indian & Christian Mysticism, Charismatic renewal, the promotion of justice, peace and interfaith harmony and collaboration.

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