Legal Aid

Building village communities through formation of people's committees called Lok Samiti and women's organisation known as Mahila Chetana Samiti.

Strengthening the democratic system of our country by ensuring greater participation of women and other weaker sections of our society in the decision making process of local government (Panchayatraj) at its lowest unit of village administration.

Mass education and formation of public opinion Organizing study circles, seminars, conventions and other awareness-building programmes for mass education and formation of public opinion.

Organizing training programmes and short courses for various groups of people on relevant topics such as social analysis, development process, Panchayatraj, human rights, legal awareness, leadership training, capacity building etc.

Formation of Self Help Groups among the poor for strengthening their economic power and self-dependence and to promote cooperation and collective action among them. Guide the people towards income generating programmes.

Legal Entitlement programes community legal services, out-of-court settlement of village disputes, through 'Lok Adalats' , settlements of the disputes by the parties among themselves with the participation of their own villagers at the initiative, guidance and mediation of our Samiti members either in our office or in the villages concerned. Family disputes, violation of human rights &caste conflicts, atrocities on women and Dalits are the most common cases we have been dealing with.

Taking up issues of all types that are affecting the life of the villagers especially problems concerning human rights, social justice and communal harmony to be settled and solved in accordance with our vision of society, creating an awareness among the people and eliciting their participation.

Non-formal education and literacy programmes for those who have no opportunities to go to school, especially girls.

Organising programmes for communal harmony and inter-religious collaboration by bringing people of different religions together in common action for the common cause of building up the nation. For this purpose important feasts of all religions are celebrated together, great personalities of all religions with their contributions to the nation-building are gratefully remembered, and small communities are formed where people belonging to different religions live and work together with a family spirit.

Engaging in Research activities, the findings of the which are to be placed at the disposal of people's movements for social transformation and national reconstruction.

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